LOIS & FOX have united to bring life to the social phenomenon of #mareaamarilla with great plans dedicated to the followers of Vis a Vis.

There were 16 lucky winners of the competition who had the opportunity to talk face-to-face with the leading actresses of the series, and ask them all the questions they wanted.

There were anecdotes from film shoots and selfies with the actresses during the Meet&Greet that took place on a night. An event which, for many, will be unforgettable.

The whole event was recorded by Fox but, on this occasion, it was the fans who were on the other side of the camera.

Lois unites them again.
The four Vis a Vis actresses were reunited after filming the series, and had a very special get-together with the winners of the Meet&Greet competition organised by Lois.

There was no lack of selfies, autographs and the exchange of filming stories. Lois , beside great actresses and a great series.